Andrew TrahanPhotographer

Lyes and his team were excellent to work with on our shoot in Montreal. We had a list of needs and asks from our client, and the team went above and beyond to secure all the locations, permits and traffic control we needed to complete our shoot. Made sure every detail was just right. Then, shortly after our tech scout the day ahead of shooting. A winter storm changed directions and was set to dump 10 inches of snow, exactly when our call time was. So within 24 hours of our actual call time, Lyes and his team were able to reschedule and book everything for 12 hours earlier so we could wrap ahead of the storm. Needless to say, it went off without a hitch. I will be working with Lyes and his team again, next time we cross that border to our north!”

I met Lyes Allouche when he was just starting out his company, 30° Productions around 2002. I was impressed with the professionalism and class he evoked from the first time I landed on his first website. When we met to discuss potential collaborations, we clicked instantly. There was a certain passion and honesty about him which I immediately connected to, and an ease in which we conversed. When I suggested him to a client not expecting anything in return, he showed nothing but professionalism and even insisted I take a fair cut from the work he was hired to do. I have been in the film business for over two decades now, and rarely have I seen this level of loyalty, respect and professionalism. And above all, he is the real deal. The company he created is at the top of its game. Top notch experience and execution. Well researched and exceptional taste, style and class. I look forward to collaborating with Lyes Allouche on many projects in the near future and I highly recommend him and his company 30° Productions to anyone looking for international locations or production services for photography or productions.

Victoria Sanchez-MandrykJust Believe Productions IncActress/Writer/Director/Producer

Sergio AlvaradoCasting Director

I've had the pleasure of working with Lyes for a production shooting between Toronto and Montreal. He's multilingual, organized and went far beyond his duties. He even helped with our casting call and managed to find some amazing talent. Can't wait for our next Montreal production!

It is always a luxury to be surrounded by such a professional crew and reliable 30° Productions. The word service goes a long way !Thank You Lyes for you great efforts.

Hans KoechlingPresident and Founderof The Image is ..

Scott WickenExperienced Content and Creative Executive

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lyes and 30° Productions on a recent Montreal-located photoshoot and was blown away by the experience. From start to finish, Lyes and his team were the utmost in professionalism and results. He anticipated and solved concerns and tasks before they arose and always with an amazing attitude. He had a solution to every need and went above and beyond every expectation on a consistent basis. I highly recommend Lyes and 30° Productions and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again. Thanks for an amazing shoot Lyes!

Lyes is the most resourceful Producer/Fixer I have ever come across. In a production situation Lyes and 30° Productions can source out any needed resource even when the chances are very slim, Lyes comes through with pro-active solutions. In addition he is well versed in aggressive negations of the needed service providers that may be needed in a Film or Photography shoot. Lyes enjoys his works and always seeks to make the experience pleasant and rewarding for the overall project goal. Lyes has international connections that make him able to provide the same level of service even in various local and international locations.

Daniel StanfordSenior Creative Director

Andrew SoulePhotographer

30° Productions produced a large scale photo and video shoot for me in Ireland mid December, so you can just imagine the weather factor. Lyes and his team of production assistants and coordinators were prepared for the extreme conditions and made for a smooth shoot. The week long shoot took place in several locations around the island and transport and accommodations were well planned, and the great research of restaurants made for a happy shooting crew!I highly recommend his expertise for your production needs no matter how big or small.